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20170205 - Weekly News

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Windows 10 Microsoft Apps and File Explorer Education
Monday, February 6, from 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Norm Galloway, Instructor

This education session is one of three short follow-ups to the Windows 10 Basic Training class. This session will ONLY cover finding, installing and using Microsoft Apps from the Windows Store. Setting up the Windows 10 Mail, Calendar and People apps will be covered in order to take advantage of Windows 10 features such as sharing and notifications. There will be a quick overview of Windows 10 File Explorer and new features in Windows 10 for quickly finding files and folders. This is not a “hands on” training session so you do not need to bring your PC.

Reservations are Required!

CLICK HERE to reserve your place.

New Member Orientation
Tuesday, February 7th at 4pm
Led by Jolyn Bowler

New Members should drop by for a review of our Club's assets and resources. This is an opportunity for members to meet each other and learn about the Hilton Head Island Computer Club. A great starting point for those of us who don't know what we don't know about computers. If you haven't attended one of these sessions yet, come and learn more about the Computer Club. Jolyn may be reached at jolyn.bowler@gmail.com.

Google might stop Gmail service on your computer: here’s why
By: FE Online - February 3, 2017 - submitted by Jack Wilfore

Tech giant Google has announced that its Gmail service will stop working on some Chrome browsers by the end of 2017.

Tech giant Google has announced that its Gmail service will stop working on some Chrome browsers by the end of 2017. According to a blog posted by Google, it has informed that Gmail will stop working on 53 or lower version of its Chrome browser. The process of stopping Gmail for working on these versions will start from February 8 itself. This move by Google, essentially means that it’s time for Windows XP and Windows Vista users, to start worrying, as they will not be able to use the emailing feature of Google on their Chrome browser.

CLICK HERE to read more.

How to set up your Android phone for ultimate privacy
By Derek Walter - Greenbot - January 12, 2017

Here's how to replace all of those data-hungry apps and services with ones that don't need to know so much about you.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your smartphone is the most personal device you have. The fact it’s always with you, however, sure does generate a lot of information about your habits.
Your location history, Google searches, web browsing habits, app usage, and even recordings of your voice talking to the Google Assistant.
Yes, your phone and the Google services powering it are incredibly useful in many tangible ways. And if you use a strong password and two-factor authentication, your information is likely safer on Google’s servers than just about anywhere else.
But it’s not paranoia to take stock from time to time of just how much you’re handing over to Google or if you’d rather not place all your digital privacy eggs in the same basket. Here are some simple tips about how you can stay in control of all that critical information and ensure that privacy isn’t something you have to surrender.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

These smart glasses automatically focus on what you’re looking at
By Alessandra Potenza - The Verge - Jan 28, 2017 - submitted by Wes Taylor

They could become available in two to three years

When Carlos Mastrangelo hit his early 50s, he started suffering from a vision problem many people have as they age: he couldn’t focus up close anymore and so, his eye doctor told him, he needed to wear glasses whenever he wanted to read a book.
“I kept asking myself why I am being treated with technology developed by Benjamin Franklin,” Mastrangelo wrote in an email to The Verge. “I don't live in the 18th century.”
But the most annoying thing was that he had to take those glasses on and off almost constantly throughout the day. If he was driving, he couldn’t have them on while looking at the road, but without them he couldn’t see the GPS screen or the dash panel.

CLICK HERE to read more.

14 eyebrow-raising personal details Google knows about you
By JR Raphael - Contributing Editor, Computerworld - December 15, 2016

Some are fascinating, others are frightening -- but here's how to find out what Google has on you.

Google may know more about me than I know about myself.
I’m not just saying that, either: I recently started poking around in Google’s personal data repositories and realized that, between my wide-reaching use of the company’s services and my own brain’s inability to remember anything for more than seven seconds, Google may actually have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge about my life.
And the data itself is only half the story: Google also compiles oodles of stats—stats that, for better and for worse, shed light onto the tech-connected habits of our modern lives. How many emails have you actually sent over the years, for instance, and how many thousands of webpages have you pulled up in your browser? It really is enlightening, among other things, to see your actions broken down so precisely.
Before you freak out, though, remember: The only way anyone else could get at any of this info would be if they were to gain access to your Google account—something two-factor authentication and good mobile security hygiene make highly unlikely.

CLICK HERE to learn more.



Every Monday morning and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, a Mac member is at the Resource Center to answer your questions and help you through any issues.
You can also use the iMac computer, bring your laptop, or just come in to get information.
If you have any questions, contact Judi Shade at shade@hargray.com.

Assistance with Tablets

Resource Center volunteers are available to help members with their tablets:

iPad on Monday mornings (Judi Shade, Frank Sullivan and Ed Cliff); Wednesday mornings (Wes Taylor and Karen Kemp); Wednesday afternoon (Judi Shade, Ken Carlozzi, Xavier Pereira, and Linda Jackson); Thursday afternoons (Bob Gentzler and Melnee Kasper)
Android on Tuesday afternoons (Jolyn Bowler)
Kindle Fire and e-Readers on Monday mornings (Ed Cliff)
Microsoft Surface: Monday afternoons (Norm Galloway);Thursday mornings (Bob Rathke); Friday mornings (Emory Logan)

Please call the Resource Center (842-4475) to verify the volunteer you wish to consult is on duty that day.

Resource Center Substitutes!

Please consider adding your name to our Resource Center Substitute List. The Resource Center is open M-F, in two shifts, 10 AM-1 PM & 1-4 PM, with two volunteers per shift. You would be with a regular volunteer, helping members, and learning along the way. In addition, we will be instituting a training session so that you'll be able to hit the ground running. If you are interested, even if you only have one day of the week when you might be available, please contact Linda Jackson at volunteercoordinator@hhicc.org.[hr][/hr
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