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20170108 - Weekly News

Postby Joan » Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:30 pm

Apple Education Group - Hot Tips and Tricks - Led by Wes Taylor
Monday, January 9th, at 2:00 PM

On Monday, January 9 the Apple Education Group will meet at 2:00 PM. Wes will present hot tips and tricks for solving problems or enhancing operation of Apple devices. Emphasis will be on iPhone and iPad. Please direct questions to Wes at westayhhi@gmail.com.

All Things Windows Education Group
Tuesday, January 10th, 4:00 PM - Led by Jolyn Bowler

Join Jolyn at the Resource Center with your questions and problems, answers and solutions to Windows 10 and their Anniversary Update Ver. 1607" We'll cover the update changes and go through the tutorial in part to help familiarize you with the changes. You'd be surprised how common most questions are and it will give you an opportunity to share with other members. You are welcome to bring your own laptop or use our systems at the Center. Please contact Jolyn with any questions at jolyn.bowler@gmail.com and to let her know you'll be there or if you have a specific topic you'd like covered.

Windows 10 - Basic Training
Monday, January 16, 2017 from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Norm Galloway, Instructor

This will be a Windows 10 Introduction Class. It will cover everything you need to know to start using Windows 10. It assumes you have been successfully using Windows XP, 7, or 8. This is not intended to be a “hands on” training session but rather an introduction to the features of Windows 10 and a chance to ask some questions. You will be given online tutorials that you may use at home to reinforce the material that is shown in the class.

A reservation is required and seating is limited to 60.
CLICK HERE to reserve.

Amazon Echo: Best Way to Get Alexa Started
By Adrian Willings - Smart Home - December 26, 2016

Your Amazon Echo has just arrived and you might have glanced at the quick-start guide, but beyond the basic setup, do you know what Alexa can do or what services you want to integrate with your device?
Read on as we run through our list of the top things to do to get started.

Use the browser interface

Your Amazon Echo guide will tell you to download the Alexa app from iTunes or Google Play, but plenty of people have been struggling to set-up this way and we've had more success using the browser interface.

CLICK HERE to read more.


Wesley's Corner

BACtrack Unveils Apple Watch Band with Built-in Blood Alcohol Monitor
By Ashley Wright - appleinsider - January 5, 2017

The newly announced wearable BACtrack Skyn comes with Apple Watch strap options, allowing a user to easily check their blood alcohol content from their wrist on the go.

The BACtrack's new Skyn model comes with both a wristband and also Apple Watch strap options, and it's expected to cost roughly $99 when it hits the market in the second or third quarter of this year.
BACtrack Skyn can help users not only track their blood alcohol content "passively, accurately and near real-time," but also give them a glimpse of how their body metabolizes alcohol and when they are within sobriety range again.
Users can also set an alarm or a vibration to be notified when their BAC is above the legal limit. Generally, the wearable will show users how their blood alcohol content is changing while they drink, and can gives an idea of where their levels will end up after their last drink.

CLICK HERE to read more.

Scam Alert

At the start of a new year, we can expect new efforts by bad actors to mount a new attack on our computers with scam email messages and popups. Messages purported to be from IRS, your bank or credit card issuer try to get you to click on a button to "fix" the problem for a fee. This attack is called ransomware.

The best protection from such attacks is to NEVER operate your PC in Administrator mode except when installing or updating an app. Normal day-to-day operation should be run as Normal User without Administrator privileges.

In the event you get a ransomware screen (because you responded to a bogus message) when running a Windows system with Windows Defender antivirus operational, you can use the key combination of Alt and F4 to back out of the screen. If this is not immediately effective , simply hold down the power button to shut down the system. When you restart the PC delete the offending email message.

Members who need help in setting up a Standard User account should contact a Resource Center volunteer.



Every Monday morning and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, a Mac member is at the Resource Center to answer your questions and help you through any issues.
You can also use the iMac computer, bring your laptop, or just come in to get information.
If you have any questions, contact Judi Shade at shade@hargray.com.

Assistance with Tablets

Resource Center volunteers are available to help members with their tablets:

iPad on Monday mornings (Judi Shade, Frank Sullivan and Ed Cliff); Wednesday mornings (Wes Taylor and Karen Kemp); Wednesday afternoon (Judi Shade); Thursday afternoons (Bob Gentzler and Melnee Kasper)
Android on Tuesday afternoons (Jolyn Bowler)
Kindle Fire and e-Readers on Monday mornings (Ed Cliff)
Microsoft Surface: Monday afternoons (Norm Galloway);Thursday mornings (Bob Rathke); Friday mornings (Emory Logan)

Please call the Resource Center (842-4475) to verify the volunteer you wish to consult is on duty that day.

Resource Center Substitutes!

Please consider adding your name to our Resource Center Substitute List. The Resource Center is open M-F, in two shifts, 10 AM-1 PM & 1-4 PM, with two volunteers per shift. You would be with a regular volunteer, helping members, and learning along the way. In addition, we will be instituting a training session so that you'll be able to hit the ground running. If you are interested, even if you only have one day of the week when you might be available, please contact Linda Jackson at volunteercoordinator@hhicc.org.
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