Your iPad 2 is Vulnerable

Your iPad 2 is Vulnerable

Postby krmpeter » Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:54 pm

Apple Smart Cover – Not So Smart After All?
Your iPad 2 is vulnerable. Enabled the passcode protection feature in iOS 5? Nope, still vulnerable. A recent security flaw was recently discovered in the iPad 2 and all the potential perpetrator needs is an Apple Smart Cover. After a series of quick tricks with the cover and the power button, anyone can bypass the screen requiring you to enter the correct passcode – and straight to the home screen. At the moment this issue is confirmed on devices with iOS 5 as well as unconfirmed reports of version 4.3 being vulnerable as well.
It is assumed that Apple will issue a fix in the next iOS update. Until then, 9to5 Mac states the best temporary solution is to disable the Smart Cover locking function found in the Settings app.

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